Small Scallops Silk Screen

Small Scallops Silk Screen

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These silkscreens are designed to be used with polymer clay to make patterns on clay slabs easily.

If used and taken care of properly, silk screens have a long life but they are prone to deterioration over time.

How to use and take care of your silk screens:

* Roll your polymer slab to the desired thickness and place your silk screen on top with the shiny side down making sure you can read the logo.

* We recommend using heavy body acrylic paint for best results and easiest use

* Squeeze a line of paint on top of the silkscreen and spread the paint all over the silk screen using a squeegee or a card.

* Slowly lift off the silk screen from one side and then put it in a bowl of cold water as fast as possible and then wash it from the paint immediately under running cold water. You do not want to let the paint dry on top of your silk screen or it will be ruined.

* Allow the paint on the slab to dry before using your favorite cutters. 

Size of the pattern: ~7cm x 9cm