Christmas Lights Acrylic Texture Tile | Acrylic Embossing Stamp

Christmas Lights Acrylic Texture Tile | Acrylic Embossing Stamp

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Size of the pattern: 24mm
Matching cutter is sold separately. 

How to use the texture tiles:

Place your texture plate on top of a non-slip surface, with the engraved side facing up. Place your clay on top of the acrylic plate. We recommend using depth guides of 4mm to ensure the same thickness of your clay slab (link for depth guides below in the description).

Use a firm, swift motion with your acrylic roller over the clay. Repeated rolling may result in the formation of bubbles. 

To prevent the clay from sticking to your texture tile, you can spray it with water, or use cornstarch. 

To clean your tiles, gently wipe with a wet wipe or use alcohol if your clay is too soft and gets stuck in the crevices. In that case, you can try leaching your clay to remove some of the oils from it. 

Store your texture tiles carefully as acrylic is easy to scratch when not cared for correctly. 

Depth guides: