Micro Clay Cutters Value Pack #1

Micro Clay Cutters Value Pack #1

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These cutters are the ultimate tool for creating stunning polymer clay jewelry with ease and precision! They are specifically designed to work with polymer clay. The sharp blades allow for precise and clean cuts, minimizing the need for sanding and reducing the time and effort required to achieve the perfect finish.

Designed with the needs of professional polymer clay artists in mind, these cutters are lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to use. Whether you're creating earrings, pendants, or other jewelry pieces, our polymer clay cutters will help you achieve the intricate and detailed designs you've been dreaming of.

- Extremely sharp blade of 0.3mm to ensure the cleanest cut and minimal (or none) need for sanding.
- Made of PLA, a recyclable plastic
- Extremely durable walls to prevent cracking and breaking

Sizes of the cutters from left -> right, top -> bottom:

 - 4-tier Petal - 9mm
 - Petal #2 - 8mm
 - Tripple Leaf - 7mm
 - Lemon - 7mm
 - Leaf - 8mm
 - Tulip - 9mm
 - Teardrop Leaf - 6mm
 - Flower #1 - 8mm
 - Flower #3 - 8mm
 - Double Leaf - 8mm
 - Petal #1 - 8mm
 - Flower #2 - 8mm

Original value: 71,88 EUR
Value pack price: 59,99 EUR

To clean your cutters, use a damp cloth or a wet tissue. Not dishwasher safe. Do not bake/heat/expose to high temperatures.